Waste Management

Online Training


Waste Management Total Solutions can help provide your staff with specific procedures reviews and development with training on:

  • how to deal with spills of many hazardous materials that you may store on your premises
  • Waste Minimisation, Reduction, Recycling on site apply Garbology management of waste.
  • Waste awareness almost any solid, liquid or gaseous substance entering surface waters or groundwater could be a pollutant. This includes chemicals, salt, wash waters, waste products, trade effluents, and fuels.

Rainwater that runs across your site can also be classed as a pollutant if substances from your site contaminate it. Almost all substances used and disposed of by businesses are unsuitable for discharge to surface waters or groundwater without prior treatment and consent. Even hot water can be classified as a pollutant.

  • Our Training will support you with Storing and handle of your raw materials, wastes, chemicals and fuels in a responsible way, so that they cannot enter surface waters and groundwater. Store all tanks, drums and containers on an impermeable base within a bund. The bund should be made of material that is impermeable to the liquid being stored.
  • We can help produce pollution site plans, conduct site reviews and procedure development to offer mitigation against any potential breach of oil storage regulation programs.
  • Our training can support the business, industry with isolateation of run-off from refueling areas from general yard drainage. Plans to allow for Drainage run-off to an oil interceptor.
  • Support with site(s) consents that may need permission from your environmental regulator or Water Company, to discharge the wastewater from your oil interceptor or other treatment systems into watercourses or drains.
  • Arranging Interceptors design, Interceptor Cleaning, Interceptor management
  • Interceptor disposal of sludge/water that may well be hazardous waste for disposal, supply and arrange for Tanker supply.