On Site Remediation

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WMTS will apply sound guidance advise and training for remediation options depending on the site for fresh and or historical contamination We have experience in managing this for many sites across the South of England and East Anglia regions and beyond..

We will arrange for Site investigations to determine route cause and remediation approach to be applied pump and treat or ground treatment depending on the determination of the level of contamination. This in the case of Hydrocarbons may includes the existence of a layer of fuel (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL)), floating on top of the ground- water. This LNAPL may develop a plume of dissolved petroleum hydrocarbon contamination which may well migrate to the adjacent structures, residential properties offsite if left untouched or managed?

We will supply treatment programs to reduce these risks in the form of awareness and prevention measurers with deliver of training, guidance and advise to business supported with quantitative risk assessment (DQRA), allowing for negation of some or all of the risk of further contamination that may lead to the need to prevent a risk to offsite receptors and a potential liability to the site owner, making voluntary remediation the way forward.